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Video doorbells, CCTV Cameras & Security Alarm Systems in Bournemouth & Dorset

If you want security at home or at your place of business, you need Electriko.  We deal with CCTV security cameras,  video doorbells and will advise on the best products for your needs.

Quality security systems for your home or business in Bournemouth and Dorset

For the ultimate home security or office security use Electriko’s service.  We cover the whole of Bournemouth and surrounding areas of  Westbourne, Sandbanks, Poole, Merley, Oakley, Wimborne BH21, Swanage, Shaftesbury SP7, Gillingham SP8, Christchurch, Southbourne, Winton, Sherborne DT9, Wimborne Minster, Wimborne BH21, Boscombe, Verwood BH31, Blandford Forum DT11, Dorchester, Poole, St Leonards, Ringwood BH24, Bridport DT6, Weston, and Portland DT5.
We have plenty of excellent security options to choose from.  Whether you want security cameras, video doorbells or CCTV (or all!) we can install what you want to keep you safe and secure for your peace of mind.  With the best products on the market, we give you absolute confidence that your home or place of work is as safe as possible from intruders.

Electriko is very experienced in-home security in Bournemouth and Dorset.  We will advise on the best system, supply it, and fit it properly.  On a budget?  Talk to us, we’re sure we can tailor a security system to work for you.

Whether you want multiple security cameras or a smaller system consisting of two cameras, we can organise a fully integrated security installation for you.  We can also design a bespoke system that fits in with what you want to exact requirements

We offer two top of the range external security video systems:

Any CCTV system we provide can connect to a number of smart devices so you can monitor them from anywhere in the UK or abroad. This allows your home or business to be more secure as you can keep track of what’s going on and receive alerts to your device when you are not there.

Video security with RING Doorbell in Bournemouth and Dorset

We’re partnered with Ring with their respected door entry system. As we are certified installers for them, we’ll come to your home or place of work to install yours.  We install RING Floodlight Cameras & Ring Doorbells as well as all their other industry-standard security alarm systems.  Both of these systems are hardwired which means there’s no need to ever recharge batteries again.  These systems link to your chosen smart device so you can see what’s going on wherever you are in the world.  Receive instant smart alerts as soon as someone approaches your door.  You can even tailor your system, so it recognises regular visitors to stop constant interruption.  Have confidence that your home or business is always secure.  

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With the Floodlight Wired Camera, we offer a number of all-inclusive packages. If you require more than 4 cameras please contact Electriko for a quote:

Professional 2 X Floodlight Camera


Full hardwire install into mains system by RING certified professionals

Professional 3 X Floodlight Camera


Full hardwire install into mains system by RING certified professionals

Professional 4 X Floodlight Camera


Full hardwire install into mains system by RING certified professionals

Add a Ring Video Doorbell system to any Floodlight Camera package for £190

Although not needed for the cloud-based video notification or viewing services, we recommend Ring Protect cover. It is a comprehensive service that will activate video recording and image capture for doorbells and video cameras for just £2.50 a month. You’ll also have the first 30 days on a free trial.

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Ring Video Doorbell (Hardwired)

Market Leading & Cutting edge features with premium performance.

Our professionally installed and highly recommended Ring Video Doorbell will need to be hardwired into the mains electricity and some great features such as  Hi-Res 1536p HD+ plus Head-2-Toe Video, a Bird’s Eye View & enhanced dual-band wifi, 2-Way Talk, 3D Motion Detection and Customisable Settings. The installation must be done according to electrical regulations, which will require that any install needs to be completed by a certified professional.

Key Features:

  • Get a whole length image with HD Head to Toe Video
  • Know when anyone's at the door with Motion alerts
  • Night or day, miss nothing thanks to the colour night vision
  • Advance Pre-Roll (with RING Protect Plan)
  • See, talk and be heard more clearly with Two-Way Talk with noise cancellation
  • 3D Movement Detection detects movement very accurately
  • Connects to current doorbell wiring for ongoing power
  • The best video security on the market. Our encryption is bank standard - guaranteeing no snooping!
ring video app North West & Southern England

See everything clearly, day and night

HD+ Video gives you a clear view from your front door, which you can watch in real-time using Live View. See, hear and speak to whoever’s at your front door, from anywhere in the world using the Two-Way Talk function in the app. High contrast, HD+ Colour Night Vision makes sure you never miss a detail, even after dark.

Get the message, wherever you are

Receive real-time alerts from the app the moment a visitor presses your doorbell or triggers motion sensors. Adapt the motion settings to alert you only in a specific area, and only receive alerts you want. Set select Privacy Zones and block out any areas you don’t want viewing to let you focus on the areas that really matter

3D Motion Detection

Add an extra level to your systems detection, and know the moment anyone steps onto your property with the 3D Motion Detection system. It adds distance, size, trajectory perception speed to detect visitors much more accurately, sending you movement notifications with greater precision.

HD Head to Toe Video Feed

Get a complete picture with a Hi-Definition Plus, Head to Toe Video feed, offering an extended outlook from your Video Doorbell (Pro hardwired). You will be able to see more of whoever passes by and check up on parcel deliveries made to your doorstep.

Ring Video Doorbell motion detection North West & Southern England
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 North West & Southern England

Complete control with the App

Linked Smart Devices

Using Linked Devices, you can rest assure you will never miss a thing. You can connect any compatible security smart devices using the RING app, letting you experience how they all work together as one, keeping you protected 24 hours a day.

Instant Alert Notifications

Receive instant alert notifications on your smartphone, PC or tablet, whether you're at work, in the garden, or in the office.

Live View

See, listen and speak to who's at the door with the real-time video feed and 2-way audio.

Get much more out of your Ring Video Devices

Although not necessary for cloud-based video notification or viewing services, our recommended Ring Protect cover is a comprehensive service that activates video recording and photo capture for doorbells and cameras for as little as £2.50 a month. And that’s just the start. Plus, you’ll have the first 30 days on us with a free trial.

11 Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a Home CCTV System:

  • 1. Are you looking at a hard wired device or a battery operated one?

    If it's not professionally hard-wired into a mains electricity supply then it won’t that reliable. NOt omly do batteries go flat, but people forget to recharge and find it a real chore, especially as the cameras are usually located 3M up and require use of a ladder. It also a lot harder to steal, unlike the battery powered systems.

  • 2. Can you watch it remotely from anywhere?

    A good system will allow you to view all live video via a smart app on your phone, tablet or PC so you can see and hear clearly what is going on.

  • 3. Will It Notify you when anyone accesses your property?

    All Professional systems should at least alert you via an app when they are activated by someone trespassing or a parcel delivery.

  • 4. Will the system differentiate between your friends, family and someone with other motives?

    It can be annoying being constantly notified when a family members or regular visitors arrive. Any good system allows face recognition within motion zones letting you set it to ignore areas in a field of view that you don’t want to monitor as well as ignoring family & friends.

  • 5. Ability to store footage of what it is being recorded?

    A good system makes a backup recording of what it is being seen and will do it off-site in a cloud-based environment. This will be accessible anywhere just in case you are asleep or maybe miss the alert on your device after an intruder has left.

  • 6. Will video footage be insecurely stored on-site or in your home on a DVR box?

    This could be a bad choice security-wise. Most intruders know that if they take the recording box then any record of their actions go with it, which basically makes it a complete waste of time - & money.

  • 7. Has it got a remote activated loud siren-alarm to alert everyone in the area and anyone in the property to their presence?

    Anobvious one, any system that allows you to activate a 110 decibel siren alarm usually scares off any trespasser and certainly draws a lot of attention from passersby or anyonewho is at home.

  • 8. Does it come with full night vision and a 30 meter view range?

    All of our professional systems do - you can see your camera feed as well at night as well as you can during the day.

  • 9. Is the picture resolution a minimum of 1080P?

    All of our systems stream a minimum of a 1080P HD image resolution. Thats the same as your HD Television channels - you'll see everything in perfect detail.

  • 10. Does it come with system motion activation alerts?

    In many situations, 24hr surveillance systems record nothing but still images. The only time you will ever need to playback the recording is if there was any sort of motion. Our CCTV cameras do and can be configured to pick up the mere slightest of movement to prevent lots of unnecessary recording of basically nothing. This will help when playing back video and not having to go through many hours or possibly days of recording to get to the exact part you need to see.

  • 11. Does it come with zoom and panning functionality (left and right movement)?

    Our top-grade professional CCTV camera systems allow pan and zoom features.

Ring Floodlight Cam (Hardwired)

A professionally hardwired Floodlight Cam that gives your property protection and allows you to watch over your home from a smartphone, PC or tablet. The Floodlight Camera lets you create customisable zones that allow you to focus just on the important areas of your property. If anyone steps onto your property, you will get an instant alert on your mobile or smart devices.

Answer the alert to speak to, hear and listen to whoever’s there - from basically anywhere. Take full control of your home security and use the free RING app on your smart device, PC, or tablet. You can tap into the camera’s Live View feed, turn-on or set a schedule for the lights, or even activate the super loud 110-decibel siren directly from your phone.

ring floodlight camera North West & Southern England

Key Features:

  • Works with most Alexa devices. Launch real-time video with your voice
  • You can speak, see and hear any visitors from your smartphone, PC, or tablet.
  • You'll receive app notifications whenever movement is detected
  • The device is hardwired into the mains, with no recharging of any batteries. Its also nearly theft-proof
  • Monitoring your home in 1080p full HD video with an integrated infrared night vision with a Live View from a real-time video feed
  • Comes with a built-in Super-bright pair of floodlights and siren
  • Theft Protection included: if your camera is stolen, we will replace for free
  • Standard features such as instant alert notifications, HD video  live view plus a two-way talk come straight out of the box, free on all devices
Ring Floodlight Cam North West & Southern England

Professional CCTV Camera

Add extra Cloud system to allow you to review, save and share videos. With the RING Protect subscription, which starts from as little as £2.50 per month, you'll be able to store unlimited video footage for 30 days in the cloud, rewatch or download to your own device or even share it with friends and family. There's a free trial period for 30 days. and at the end of the trial period, you can either choose to continue with the RING Pan by subscribing for just £2.50 a month or cancel.

With the RING Floodlight Wired Cameras, we offer a number of packages. If you require more than 4 cameras please please contact Electriko for a quote:

Professional 2 X Floodlight Camera


Fully hardwired into mains system by a RING certified professional

Professional 3 X Floodlight Camera


Fully hardwired into mains system by a RING certified professional

Professional 4 X Floodlight Camera


Fully hardwired into mains system by a RING certified professional

Add a Ring Video Doorbell system to any Floodlight Camera package for £190 - Fully installed

Its not required for the cloud-based video notification alerts or the viewing services, but we recommend the Ring Protect cover. It's a comprehensive service that will activate the backup video recording and photo image capture for both doorbells & cameras for only £2.50 a month. You’ll get the first 30 days on us with the free trial.

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