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Rewiring service in Portsmouth

Get your rewiring job completed by expert electricians in Portsmouth. Electriko covers rewiring in homes and places of business, guaranteeing a top-quality service from beginning to end.

We cover all sizes of projects, from small rewiring jobs to large, stately homes.

Whether you live in a flat, a terraced house, a large, detached home, own an office block or indeed any property, count on Electriko to complete your rewiring project to perfection.

Our rewiring service complies with British Standards BS7671 and our work is guaranteed, if you want a trusted, reputable electrician for your rewiring job in Portsmouth, get in touch with Electriko here.

Remember, your cables, outlets, sockets, and switches are always under pressure to perform and over time, their ability to do their job will lessen.

When that happens, you could be in electrical danger so if you notice that something isn’t right or it’s been a long while since you had your wiring inspected, call us in.

At Electriko we specialise in rewiring and we’ll visit any address in Portsmouth to carry out an inspection.

We will advise on what should be done to make sure your cables, outlets, sockets, and switches work efficiently and if you like our competitive quote, we’ll get on with your job.

Feel confident that we will deliver an excellent result.

Don’t risk electrical failure or hazard, get your wiring checked by professional electricians on a regular basis and make sure the work meets Electrical Regulations Testing. Our work does!

Wire inspections for residential or commercial premises

The Electriko rewiring service covers all types of properties and we will ensure your wiring is safe to use. If you haven’t had your wiring checked for a long while, or if you’ve never had yours checked, do get it done.

Remember, heavy technology use will put pressure on your cables, switches, and outlets – is your wiring up to the job? You might need a rewire or partial rewire at home or at work.

Does your home or office need rewiring? Check for the signs

This checklist details signs that mean you might need a rewire at home or at the office. Call Electriko to check your wiring out in Portsmouth.

  • Old light sockets
  • Poor quality light sockets
  • Old electrical power points
  • Poor quality electrical power points
  • Issues pointed out following an electrical inspection
  • Power interruption
  • Old property

Choosing Electriko for your rewiring job in Portsmouth is a wise decision. We are the best electricians in Portsmouth, specialists in rewiring and compliant with British Standards BS7671.

Guaranteed work – rewiring in Portsmouth you can rely on

As a certified team of electricians in Portsmouth, you can trust us to deliver a quality rewiring finish. We always use premium componentry, the latest techniques and technology.

  • Guaranteed work compliant with British Standards BS7671
  • A strong reputation for excellence
  • Covering electrical repairs and electrical work
  • Friendly, polite, reputable, and reliable
  • No-obligation quotes without extra charges
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