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Fuse Box Repairs and Replacements in Salisbury and Wiltshire

Get your fuse box repaired or replaced in Salisbury by a competent team of electricians – Electriko

Professional electricians in Salisbury and Wiltshire specialising in fuse box repairs and replacements

It’s irritating when your fuse board isn’t working properly but it should never be ignored, for your own safety.

Usually, a fuse box is easy to repair, sometimes, your fuse box might need replacement but whatever your requirements – Electriko in Salisbury and Wiltshire has it covered!

We specialise in fuse boxes and we don’t overcharge. Normally, a fuse box replacement takes approximately half a day, but this depends on the complexities.

However, when you choose Electriko, you really will get a quality result at a reasonable price, with guaranteed work that complies with British Standards BS7671.

Our hard-working electrical engineer will inspect your fuse box (consumer unit, fuse board or consumer board – it has lots of different names that all mean the same thing!).

Our engineer will likely carry the right componentry for your fuse box repair or replacement in Salisbury and Wiltshire and we promise – our components are always premium quality.

Additionally, all our engineers apply the latest technology and techniques to every job, so you get an outstanding result, every time.

Of course, you may not need your fuse box replaced. You might need circuit breakers added instead.

Let our Electriko electrician in Salisbury and Wiltshire check your fuse box and advise you on the best solution.

All of our engineers are polite, reliable, and qualified so if you need a residential or commercial fuse box repair or replacement, contact Electriko here. We’ll give you a FREE, no-obligation quote with no hidden charges.

Fuse box repairs and replacements in Salisbury and Wiltshire

This list gives you a little insight into whether you might need a fuse box repair or replacement:

  • Broken fuse board
  • Fuse board that’s old or out-of-date
  • Rewiring (either partial or full) required
  • A need for more electrical capacity

If you need an electrician to cover any of the above problems, call Electriko today and get us in for your fuse box repair or replacement.

Professional electricians for your Salisbury and Wiltshire fuse box repair

Electriko is a team of experienced electricians local to Salisbury and Wiltshire with an outstanding reputation, you’ll find us:

  • Professional
  • Reasonably priced
  • Competent, with guaranteed work that conforms to British Standards BS7671
  • Fuse box experts
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