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The CCTV camera installation experts here at Electriko can provide a secure environment for your residential and business premises. We are installers of industry standard CCTV systems and burglar alarm systems covering Warrington and surrounding areas of Appleton, Stockton Heath, Grappenhall, Latchford, Thelwall, Northwich, Lymm, Walton, Moore, Great Sankey, Penketh, Culcheth, Westbrook, Bewsey, Callands and Warrington Town centre. The world-class CCTV installations and video monitoring systems we use will provide peace of mind for not only you but also your family and employees at the workplace. With the huge amount of experience we have under our belt, you can be totally confident that any work will be carried out to the highest standard available. We can supply and install CCTV video Systems for both our commercial and residential clients and provide a range of CCTV installations to suit all budgets from a 2-camera cloud based system up to higher-end more sophisticated multiple camera systems.

On offer from Electriko are two top of the range CCTV security systems from our partners at RING:

Each one of these CCTV systems has the ability to connect to a number of smart devices giving you access to monitor them from anywhere in the world. This will make your home or business much more secure giving you the option to keep track of exactly what’s going on and sending app alerts to these devices when you are not there.

With the Floodlight Wired Camera, we offer 3 different packages. If you require more than 4 cameras please contact Electriko for a quote:

Professional 2 X Floodlight Camera


Full hardwire install into mains system by certified professional

Professional 3 X Floodlight Camera


Full hardwire install into mains system by certified professional

Professional 4 X Floodlight Camera


Full hardwire install into mains system by certified professional

Add a Ring Video Doorbell system to any Floodlight Camera package for £180

Although not necessary for cloud-based video notification or viewing services, our recommended Ring Protect cover is a comprehensive service that activates video recording and photo capture for doorbells and cameras for as little as £2.50 a month. And that’s just the start. Plus, you’ll have the first 30 days on us with a free trial.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 (Hardwired)

Market Leading & Cutting edge features with premium performance.

Our recommended professionally installed Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is Hardwired into the mains electricity and features 1536p HD+ Head-to-Toe Video, Two-Way Talk, 3D Motion Detection, Bird’s Eye View, enhanced dual-band wifi, and Customisable Privacy Settings. The installation must be done according to local electrical regulations, which may require that the installation has to be carried out by a professional.

Key Features:

  • View a whole picture in HD+ Head to Toe Video
  • Connect with an existing doorbell system for continual power
  • With noise cancellation, you can hear and be heard clearly with Two-Way Talk
  • Day or night, don't miss anything thanks to the colour night vision
  • The 3D Motion Detection pinpoints movement accurately
  • Get alerted when someone's at your  door through Motion Notifications
  • Advanced Pre-Roll (with the RING Protect Plan)
  • The best video security on the market. The encryption we use is the same as the banks use - guaranteeing no snooping!
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See everything clear as day - Even at night

Our specialistHD+ Video gives a clear view from your door. Yyou can watch in real-time using Live View. allowing you to see, hear and speak to whoever is there from anywhere in the world using the 2-Way speak function in the app. Extra high contrast, Full HD Colour with Night Vision makes sure you will never miss a single moment, even after dark.

Get alerted, wherever you may be

Receive real-time alerts to your device the moment someone presses your doorbell or triggers a motion sensor. You can customise motion settings that will detect just in a chosen area, so you only receive any notifications you want to see. Also, set Privacy Zones that block areas you don’t need to view, allowing you to focus on the areas that matter.

3D Motion Detector system

Add extra dimensions to your motion detector system and know just when and where someone steps onto your property with our 3D Motion Detection technology. 3D Motion adds distance, size, speed, and trajectory perception that detects any visitors very accurately, giving you immediate and precise motion notifications.

Head 2 Toe Video

Get a complete picture with HD+ Head 2 Toe View which offers extended viewpoints from your Video Doorbell allowing you to see more of anyone that stops by and also allows you to check in on any deliveries left on your doorstep.

Ring Video Doorbell motion detection North West & Southern England
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 North West & Southern England

Complete control with the App

Linked devices

Linked Devices allow you to never miss a moment. Connect all your smart security devices through the app. Experience how they can all work together as one team and keep you protected 24/7.

Instant Alerts

Receive instant alerts on your smartphone or tablet, whether relaxing on the sofa, training at the gym, or at work.

Live HD View

See, speak, and Hear anyone at your front door using real-time video & audio.

Get even more out of your Ring Devices

Although it is not required for the cloud-based video notifications or for the live viewing services, we do recommend Ring Protect cover which is a comprehensive service that activates video recording and photo capture for doorbells and cameras for as little as £2.50 a month. And that’s only the beginning. we'll also give you the first 30 days on a free trial.

Some Questions to Ask When buying a Home CCTV security system:

  • 1. Is the system hard wired into the mains supply oris it battery operated?

    If not then chances are it won't be a very reliable system. Batteries do go flat quite quickly depending on use and its simple forget to recharge them which also becomes a chore in winter, especially if cameras are located up-high and require use of a ladder. Hard wired are also ma lot harder to steal, whereas battery-operated systems arent.

  • 2. Can the feed be monitored live in HD from anywhere in the world?

    Any reultable system will of course do this via a smart app on your PC, phone, or tablet enabling you to see and hear clearly the viewing area at all times.

  • 3. Will you receive notifications the minute anyone accesses your property?

    Not all systems will alert you immediately an intruder trespasses onto your property or an important delivery is made.

  • 4. Can the system distinguish between family, friends and someone with bad intentions?

    It can be very annoying constantly being notified when family members or you get your usual invited visitors. Any good system should allow face recognition of friends and family plus motion zones that will ignore areas in the field of view you don’t require monitoring.

  • 5. Will the system create a backup or store footage off premesis of what it is recording?

    Any good system should certainly make a backup of anything being videoed and do it off-prem and in the cloud. This should also be accessible anywhere in the world, just in case you are asleep or do not see the notoifcation on any of your smart devices until after any possible intruder has vacated.

  • 6. Will the video footage be stored on-site or on your premesis on a DVR box?

    If so, then this is not a good security choice as most intruders will be aware that if they take the recording device then any records of their intrusion will be gone as well, which will basically be a complete waste of time and money.

  • 7. Does your system have an alarm that is remotely activated loud enough to not only interrupt intruders and scare them off but also alert anyone in the vicinity area and in the the building to their presence?

    Self-explanatory, a good system should have a loud alarm function that will deter any possible invaders and draw as much attention from anyone nearby or anyone who is in the property.

  • 8. Does the system have full colour night vision with wide 30 meter range?

    Our do! - you can view your camera feed not just in the day but also at night with perfect clarity as if it were during the day.

  • 9. Does the CCTV camera system come with full 1080P?

    All systems we provide will stream a crystal clear HD+1080P resolution, which is exactly the same as an HD TV channel - You will see everything in the most minute of detail.

  • 10. Is the system activated by motion?

    As most people are fully aware, in 90% of cases. all 24hr surveillance systems are recording nothing but a still image. You will only ever need to see a recording when there is any sort of movement. All the CCTV security alarm systems we install do this and can be programmed to pick up any movement at all to prevent unnecessary recording of basically nothing but a still image. This help considerably when in playback mode - not having to trawl through hours or possibly days of recording to find what you need.

  • 11. Does the CCTV system have panning and zoom abilities? ('Panning' is left and right movement)?

    Our high-quality professionally installed CCTV systems will allow both zoom and panning functionality.

Ring Floodlight Cam (Hardwired)

Thie Floodlight Cam from RING is professionally hardwired in and allows you to protect your property and view your home from a smartphone or tablet. The Floodlight Cam lets you custom configure specific motion zones that allow you to focus on the areas of the most importance on your property. If anyone steps onto your property, you will get an instant alert sent to you on your mobile devices.

Answer the alert to allow you to see, speak and hear anyone on your property, from literally anywhere. You can take home security into your own hands, with the free app on your smartphone, PC, or tablet, and tap into a camera's Live View, turn on or schedule the lights and even activate that screeching 110-decibel alarm directly from your phone with the touch of a button.

ring floodlight camera North West & Southern England

Key Features:

  • Works with most Alexa devices letting you activate  real-time video with  just your voice
  • Will monitor your home with a 1080p HD+ video feed plus and infrared night vision with Live View for real-time video
  • Let's you speak hear and see any visitors from your smart devices.
  • You'll get a push notification the moment any movement is detected
  • As the device is hardwired into a mains supply, there is no recharging needed plus it's almost theft-proof
  • Comes with built-in extra-bright LED floodlights with 110 decibel siren
  • Amazingly we include a theft Protection guarantee: if the camera gets stolen, we replace it for free
  • Features like instant push-alerts, 2-way talk and  live view come as standard out of the box and free on all devices
Ring Floodlight Cam North West & Southern England

Professional CCTV Camera

Extra Cloud storage allows you to review or save and even share videos with colleagues and family. Sign up for a RING Protect subscription, which starts from as little as £2.50 per month for each device, and you can store unlimited video in the cloud for up to 30 days enabling you to rewatch or download to your own device and again, share with friends or family. Enjoy a free trial period of 30 days and at the end of the trial, choose to either continue with the Protect Plan for just £2.50 a month or end it.

Looking for a Floodlight CCTV Camera? We offer 3 different packages. If you require more than 4 cameras please please contact us for a free quote:

Professional 2 X Floodlight Camera


Full hardwire install into mains system by certified professional

Professional 3 X Floodlight Camera


Full hardwire install into mains system by certified professional

Professional 4 X Floodlight Camera


Full hardwire install into mains system by certified professional

Add a Ring Video Doorbell system to any Floodlight Camera package for £190

Although not required for the cloud-based video alerts or the viewing service, we do recommend the Ring Protect cover which is a comprehensive service that will activate video recording & photo capture for video doorbells for just £2.50 a month. Don't forget that the first 30 days are on us with the free trial.

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