Automated Low Energy Emergency Lighting

Fully Automated Bluetooth Low Energy Emergency Lighting System that uses a Bluetooth network that is self-healing.

Electriko's automated remote light testing devices make it easier to maintain your emergency lighting.
The Bluetooth mesh used by Electriko's technology has self-healing capabilities. To create the network, each luminaire instantly locates its neighbour. The network will automatically reorganise to discover the best path if a device is added, removed, or fails.

  • Made in the UK
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Reporting in real time
  • Easily satisfy statutory criteria
  • No recurring charges or membership costs
  • Simple installation Economical answer
  • Easily reachable reporting site

According to your schedule requirements, reports and logs are automatically emailed as part of our completely automated product.

  • Remote operability is common; you can use our dashboard to monitor performance, logs, and even conduct tests from your laptop.
    • Future elements of our web-based dashboard will always be available for free.
    • Built-in predictive maintenance capacity.
    • For the first 10 years, there are no extra data fees for capturing and storing your reports.
    • A normal inclusion is a 5-year hardware warranty (including batteries) and a 3-year installation warranty.

Full Installation includes:

Installation and configuration: • Where necessary, all previous light fixtures must be removed.

  • Gateway installation.
    • The installation of every lighting fixture.
    • Management, configuration, and updating of the asset registry on-site.
    • The labelling of each light fixture.
    • Waste disposal.
    • All PPE, site, and transport costs.

Product & Software Commissioning:

Product and Software Commissioning:

Development of every testing plan.

Thorough testing of each device's remote and automatic operation.

Applying encryption keys to all devices and registering them.

Device configuration within the web-based interface.


  • Product Dashboard
  • Web-based browser access with Single user account and Trial license (1 year).