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Machinery and Equipment Builders

Controls & Programming for OEM machinery & equipment builders.

If you’re a manufacturer of specialist machines or equipment, where you need PLC controls, electrical design, drives, and I/O to control your machine with performance and reliability, Elecriko Services would make an ideal partner for the design and programming of your machine

Here at Electriko Our skills and capabilities can complement your own specialist industry process knowledge to give you a robust design platform for all of your electrical systems, your PLC code, your HMI graphics, and machine connectivity into a Smart Factory environments putting your machine ahead of the competition.

Professional machine controls design brings you:

  • Structured PLC programming supporting new machines & variations
  • Modular and professionally developed electrical design
  • Electrical design in Eplan P8 & panel layout using ProPanel
  • Documented PLC code, for long-term design security
  • High machine performance, reliability, connectivity & safety
  • Non-reliance on a single engineer, access to our team of experts
  • Best practise in controls designs & programming

At Electriko, our intent is always to deliver professional services, that reduce total life costs and de-risk your outsourcing of control panel design. This includes ownership of PLC source code, documented programs, or module electrical schematics and software. All of these minimize your reliance on a contractor and reduce the cost of future changes and new developments.

 To read about best practises in this area, download our free white paper called 'Best Practices for Software Development in OEM PLCs'

Have your own cexpert partnership

By utilising Electriko's consultant expertise and Systems, you can keep control of the documentation, source code, electrical schematics, and design criteria and we become your specialist partner, giving you extra resources and flexibility when you need it.