Process control

The Process Industry

Process Control and Automation Systems Integration

Electriko understands the challenges of keeping up with changing demands in process industries. That's why we offer problem-solving, technology, and expertise to streamline your processes and make them more flexible. Our team of experts has a proven track record of installing projects and optimizing processes in various process industries both in the UK and overseas.

SMART Process Solutions Tailored to Your Business

We recognize that your process challenges are unique to your business. That's why you can rely on our partnership to provide tailored solutions. With our expertise in the process industries, we can help reduce your engineering and integration costs in the long term, ensuring efficient and optimized operations.

Comprehensive Turnkey Project Services for Process Monitoring and Automation

Electriko offers comprehensive turnkey project services for process monitoring and automation. Our on-site services are conducted by accredited engineering staff, ensuring the highest level of quality and expertise. We specialize in advanced SCADA services (supervisory control and data acquisition), process control system refurbishments, and enhancements to modernize your operations and improve productivity.

Innovative Control and Information Solutions for Improved Quality and Productivity

Our innovations in control and information solutions can deliver plant-wide control systems that improve quality and productivity, ultimately reducing your time to market. With our expertise in process automation, we can help you achieve seamless and optimized operations, resulting in improved efficiency and profitability.

Choose Electriko for Process Control and Automation Systems Integration

Electriko is your trusted partner in process control and automation systems integration. With our experienced team of experts, innovative solutions, and commitment to quality, we can help streamline your processes and optimize your operations for long-term success. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your business needs.