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Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting

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Thinking of adding security lighting to your home or place of business? Electriko deal with residential and commercial security lighting that gives you, your family, or employees extra safety.

We can supply a state-of-the-art system including motion detection lights which works very well to deter intruders. Our security lighting is suitable for driveways and car parks too, essential when it gets dark, and you need something extra to help secure your friends, family, and employees.

Additionally, security lighting can be aesthetically pleasing when fitted properly by Electriko electricians.

Here at Electriko, as professional outdoor lighting installers and approved electrical contractors, we offer one of the widest ranges of outdoor security lighting across the North West & Southern England and the surrounding areas.

Gardens, patios, driveways, and pathways – outdoor security lighting systems

As specialists in all types of electrical installations, we know a thing or two about security lighting. We will fit you with a top-quality security lighting system that’s weatherproof and guaranteed for years on end.

Make your garden, driveway, patio, and pathways stand out beautifully while offering extra safety too, our systems have added advantages including pre-selected light-up times, different colours and motion detection to deter intruders.

Book now to organise a bespoke lighting system for your home or place of business. If you want something specific, get in touch! Did you know, security lighting could also reduce your insurance premium.

Light fixture installation can be a difficult task. The wide range of light fixtures and increasing complexity of wiring can make light fixture installation a DIY nightmare.

Your Electriko engineer will have the right tools and experience to carry out the light fixture installation as quickly and safely as possible, so you can enjoying your purchase, rather than installing it.


What is included with Light Fixture Installation?

Cutting a hole in the ceiling and running all required new wiring

Wiring up to the chosen amount of customer supplied pre-assembled light fixtures and mounting brackets

Testing the light fixture and cleaning up afterwards

If your light fixture requires assembly you should contact us at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment to agree additional charges

What do I need to do before my light fixture installation appointment?

On the day of your appointment for light fixture installation, all you need to do is make sure that the light fixture(s) is/are in the room you intend to have it/them installed.

Your Electriko engineer will bring all the necessary tools to install your light fixture(s) as efficiently as possible, whilst not forgetting to clean up the packaging afterwards.

What is included with Light Fixture Replacement?

Removing your existing light fixture(s) (does not include haul away)

Installing your new pre-assembled light fixture and mounting bracket in to the existing junction box location

Testing the light fixture and cleaning up afterwards

If your light fixture requires assembly you should contact us at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment to agree additional charges

Is there a height restriction?

Your engineer can install products up to 3m from ground level.

Installations over this height require you to inform Electriko Electrical Services at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment and agree on the associated additional charges.

Why Choose Electriko Electrical Services?

A reliable and qualified electrician can handle all domestic electrical wiring, fixture and installation; and troubleshoot efficiently around your house. Finding and choosing an electrician to install your electrical appliances or products can be time-consuming. Not to mention about certain types of appliances such as ceiling fan installation and light electrical circuit wiring will require an expert to do the work.

We’re Ring Certified Installers and now is simplifying the way you can search and find qualified electrician services directly on in just a few clicks. We take the guesswork out and offer upfront, pre-packaged electrician services with clear scope of work, so you don’t have to compare quotes from multiple providers and know what to expect. 

Whether you are buying a new set of exterior lights for your garden on or need to install your smart home security lock; you can easily add an electrician service together with your product purchase including schedule an appointment date and time that works for you, add this to your basket and then checkout directly on and it’s done.

Electriko Electriko Services offers a range of installation services across our range of electrical products and available to select alongside your product purchase. Our technicians and specialists are professional, skilled and thorough to provide a high quality service you can trust. They will ensure your whitegoods or electrical products are installed properly, safely and efficiently