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Fusebox & Consumer Board Services

Don’t let fuse box problems get you down! For all your fuse box issues, you’re in safe hands with Electriko. 

We specialise in broken fuse boxes and fuse box replacement. We’ll quote you a competitive price (without hidden extras) and endeavour to complete your fuse box replacement in about half a day. However, the time it takes depends on the complexity of your consumer board, electrical needs and the number of circuits involved. Electriko engineers are all certified and qualified, know how to deal with broken fuse boxes and guarantee top service at every stage of your journey with us.

Remember – a fuse box could sometimes be called a fuse board, a distribution board or a consumer unit, but whatever yours is called, we know how to repair it or replace it. We also come armed with what we need, carrying quality componentry on-board so there’s no time wasted. As well as quality componentry, we also apply the latest technology, so our work is guaranteed, and complies with British Standards BS7671.

Don’t need a brand-new fuse box? Perhaps you just need circuit breakers! No problem – our team of electricians know how to work out what’s required and will check the fault, advising on the best course of action. Honest and reputable, we will always tell you what we recommend best to sort out your fuse box problem.

Not only are we budget-friendly, but we’re also pleasant to deal with and deliver exemplary customer service every time. That’s why we retain our customers. So if you need a new fuse box at home or you want your consumer board replaced at your place of business – call the experts, Electriko, and you know you’re in the best possible hands.


What is the difference between a fuse board, a fuse box and a consumer unit?

Fuse boards or boxes are the outdated name (they used to contain fuses) for what is commonly known now as a consumer unit. Modern consumer units will have a Main switch, Residual Current Devices (RCD) and Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)

What do RCDs and MCBs do?

An RCD's (Residual Current Device) purpose is protecting against electric fires and shocks. The detect leaking current at the lowest of levels and react by cutting off all power quickly before any injury or electrocution occurs. Normally there will be one or two RCDs in a standard household consumer unit

An MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breaker) purpose is protect against damage to the electrical circuits due to too much current. The electricity is cut off as soon as a fault is detected preventing overload on circuits and overheating in the electrical wires. Normally there will be one MCB for each electrical circuit in newer consumer units.

My RCD has tripped - what does this mean?

The RCD trips on your consumer unit when the RCD switch flips to the OFF position automatically. This will usually indicate that there is a fault on the electric circuits. Most commonly a faulty appliance is the reason for this although there are a many other reasons

What do I do next?

If it is a temporary problem you can try to rest the RCD by moving the RCD switch to ON. If this doesn't work and it trips straight away again

Attempt to identify the circuit that has the issue

Identify all the MCBs the RCD is protecting and switch them all to the off position

Then try flipping the RCD switch back to ON

Flips the MCBs back to ON one at a time

You will know which circuit has the problem and will be able to identify the correct circuit to us when the RCD flips based on which MCB trips it

Why Choose Electriko Electrical Services?

A reliable and qualified electrician can handle all domestic electrical wiring, fixture and installation; and troubleshoot efficiently around your house. Finding and choosing an electrician to install your electrical appliances or products can be time-consuming. Not to mention about certain types of appliances such as ceiling fan installation and light electrical circuit wiring will require an expert to do the work.

We’re Ring Certified Installers and now is simplifying the way you can search and find qualified electrician services directly on in just a few clicks. We take the guesswork out and offer upfront, pre-packaged electrician services with clear scope of work, so you don’t have to compare quotes from multiple providers and know what to expect. 

Whether you are buying a new set of exterior lights for your garden on or need to install your smart home security lock; you can easily add an electrician service together with your product purchase including schedule an appointment date and time that works for you, add this to your basket and then checkout directly on and it’s done.

Electriko Electriko Services offers a range of installation services across our range of electrical products and available to select alongside your product purchase. Our technicians and specialists are professional, skilled and thorough to provide a high quality service you can trust. They will ensure your whitegoods or electrical products are installed properly, safely and efficiently