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PAT & FAT Testing

PAT & FAT Testing

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Regular electrical inspections (EICR), PAT testing (portable appliance testing) and FAT (fixed appliance testing) gives you peace of mind that your electrical equipment is safe and reliable.

We recommend at least annual testing. If you have lots of equipment or run a business that is heavily reliant on technology, we recommend bi-annual PAT or FAT testing and electrical inspections.

The testing service is suitable for homes and businesses and keeps you safe from electrical hazards.

Electriko is the name you can trust to look after all of your electrical testing requirements whether its an EICR for the electrical wiring in your properties or just a PAT test for some portable appliances.

Our service means we thoroughly test all your equipment to ensure it is safe to use. Of course, if you notice anything that you are concerned about – Contact us and get Electriko in as soon as possible, don’t leave it unchecked.

We perform a visual check and a deeper check to make sure everything is as it should be and if it’s not, we repair or replace electrical componentry so it’s all safe.

Following all testing, we issue you with a report with a certificate of safety for all properties, items and equipment that have passed safety testing.


Is it a legal requirement to have PAT/FAT testing?

There isn't a legal requirement to specifically carry out PAT and FAT testing, there is a legal requirement to maintain safe electrical equipment. A PAT Test Certificate is the recognised method to do this

How often should I get a PAT test?

This is the most difficult question to answer as it depends on a number of different things.

It depends on how often the item is used, and the risk of the appliance being used incorrectly or damaged. If the appliance can be easily damaged in it use then it will be suggested it needs to be tested more often than something won't get much damage

Why do most people get PAT tests done annually?

PAT testing is preferred by Under Health and Safety at Work you have a responsibility to ensure electrical equipment is maintained to safety standards.

In order to work this out a competent person does a risk assessment on every appliance tip and working environment at your site.

As this can be quite expensive, the majority of people will get PAT testing done annually, this is preferred practise to insurance companies. In low risk environments like an office there could be a large percentage of the equipment that has lower chances of developing a fault, like desktop computers and monitors which rarely move which can put on a 2-3 year testing frequency with other items needing to be done more often

How do Electriko do PAT or FAT testing?

There are 3 ways we usually do PAT and FAT testing

Path A - everything is retested every year

Path B - appliances are placed on a retest period based on Health and Safety guidance periods with no risk assessment in place. We will list the different appliances and environments with the testing frequencies all managed for you. This comes with an initial set up dependent on the job size

Path C - you already have a risk assessment, and tell us when and what equipment you wish to be tested

What happens when our next tests are due?

Electriko Electrical Services will send out email reminders to all clients who have equipment due for a retest in the next 2 months. We will send a detailed proposal over with which items are up for renewal and suggest a date or you can use this webpage in order to book a date that works for you

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