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Residential EICR Testing Service

Regular electrical inspections (EICR), PAT testing (portable appliance testing) and FAT (fixed appliance testing) gives you peace of mind that your electrical equipment is safe and reliable.

We recommend at least annual testing. If you have lots of equipment or run a business that is heavily reliant on technology, we recommend bi-annual PAT or FAT testing and electrical inspections.

Electriko is the name you can trust to look after all of your electrical testing requirements whether its an EICR for the electrical wiring in your properties or just a PAT test for some portable appliances.

Our service means we thoroughly test all your equipment to ensure it is safe to use. Of course, if you notice anything that you are concerned about – Contact us and get Electriko in as soon as possible, don’t leave it unchecked.

We perform a visual check and a deeper check to make sure everything is as it should be and if it’s not, we repair or replace electrical componentry so it’s all safe.

Following all testing, we issue you with a report with a certificate of safety for all properties, items and equipment that have passed safety testing.


What is an EICR

It can also be referred to as a periodic inspection (PIR), EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report. This is an official document which is a report following an inspection of the hardwired or fixed electrical system in a building

What should be contained on an EICR?

You will receive a report with:

Your details and the details of our inspection your property 

Any limitation to access with the inspection

A summary of the electrical installation condition

The tests and results that were carried out by our engineer

Our recommendations and any observations detailing any damage,deterioration, defects and anything not up to the present day standard which can lead to danger

Signature of our engineer who completed the test

Make sure to keep your paperwork safe, it can be helpful for any future contractors. Insurance companies or trade bodies may ask to see your report too.

The EICR can be used as evidence to protect you and your organisation should there be an accident relating to your electrical system

What testing is to be carried out during an EICR?

Electriko Engineers will conduct testing of 20% visual inspection of fixtures, and electrical tests which covers all hardwiring such as sockets, lighting, switches, main panels, distribution boards, air conditioning and other fixed electrical components.

Our engineers will ask for you to make available a full diagram of the whole electrical system. They will survey the system and create one if you do not have one already.

Following on from this they will conduct visually test identifying any risks or hazards and checking the condition of the electrical system.

Then, our qualified engineers will conduct electrical tests where they isolate each circuit checking on the performance and safety of the fixed electrical system.

Within 48 hours you will receive your colour PDF EICR report with all of the testing results and recommendations as well as photos from the fixtures that were visually inspected.

If there is any work that needs doing we will also include a quote for that work for you

Can't you just test some of my system not the whole thing?

Some electrical contractors and service providers will quote to test your system based on testing only a given percentage – typically 10% to 30%. This drive-by EICR service means they offer a lower cost, which may seem attractive. 

However, best industry practise advises against this. 

One reason is that Guidance Note 3 (Inspection & Testing) of the 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671: 2008 recommends that the results of tests should be compared with those taken when the installation was last tested and any differences noted.

Should a significant difference is noted, this is a potential indicator of a fault in the system and a full investigation should be undertaken.

Should you only test a small, different section of the system each time then you will have no previous results to compare against and can miss a fault.

Also should you only test the same small section every time results in the rest of your system will being untested and faults are unlikely go unnoticed until an accident occurs.

Unfortunately, should an accident occur and you are unable to produce proof that you had done all within your power to ensure the safety of the full system then you and your organisation may be liable for prosecution. 

Additionally, many insurers will request a full system EICR as condition of their contract with you. 

Given all of this we strongly recommend that you have full electrical system testing and ensure maintenance is completed

How do I know if an electrician is not just creating work to charge more?

You should always check the credentials and qualifications of any contractor you choose to use. Look for an electrician who holds NICEIC, CHAS and Registered Competent Person qualifications, as all engineers at Electriko Electrical Services do, and look in to their experience.

You can use any, qualified electrical contractor to complete the actions identified in your EICR report – you are not obligated to use the same electrician which completed the EICR to do any work after it.

  • C1 - Danger Present - Risk of Injury

    Immediate action required

  • C2 - Potentially dangerous

    Urgent remedial action required

  • C3 - Improvement recommended

  • FI- Further investigation required without delay

  • Agricultural and Horticultural

    1 year

  • Caravans

    3 years

  • Fire Alarm Systems

    1 year

  • Swimming Pools

    1 year

Why Choose Electriko Electrical Services?

A reliable and qualified electrician can handle all domestic electrical wiring, fixture and installation; and troubleshoot efficiently around your house. Finding and choosing an electrician to install your electrical appliances or products can be time-consuming. Not to mention about certain types of appliances such as ceiling fan installation and light electrical circuit wiring will require an expert to do the work.

We’re Ring Certified Installers and now is simplifying the way you can search and find qualified electrician services directly on in just a few clicks. We take the guesswork out and offer upfront, pre-packaged electrician services with clear scope of work, so you don’t have to compare quotes from multiple providers and know what to expect. 

Whether you are buying a new set of exterior lights for your garden on or need to install your smart home security lock; you can easily add an electrician service together with your product purchase including schedule an appointment date and time that works for you, add this to your basket and then checkout directly on and it’s done.

Electriko Electriko Services offers a range of installation services across our range of electrical products and available to select alongside your product purchase. Our technicians and specialists are professional, skilled and thorough to provide a high quality service you can trust. They will ensure your whitegoods or electrical products are installed properly, safely and efficiently