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Residential Electrical Rewiring

Residential Electrical Rewiring

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Electriko will deal with all of your rewiring requirements. Choose us to organise your rewiring at home or your at the office – from grand stately homes, to pied a terres, terraced houses, office blocks, penthouse apartments, in fact any type of property at all!

Our qualified, experienced team of electricians are local to our & regional offices and understand the complexities involved in re-wiring electrics.

Electriko is the right choice for your electrical re-wiring. A team of outstanding electricians, we’re friendly, honest and have a great reputation.

No matter how large or small your rewiring job, our work is always guaranteed and conforms to British Standards BS7671.


When should an electrician carry out a rewire?

Over time all electrical installations with deteriorate with wear and tear.

Usually when any major building work takes place such as a conversion or extension, a full rewire would take place - before any plastering or decoration.

A rewire may also be necessary:

After fire or flood/water damage

Should the electrical installation have become unsafe

When installing several new circuits

Upgrade of the property

What work is involved in a full rewire?

A rewire causes a large amount of disruption in the property. It is likely that the consumer board, all light fixtures, sockets, switches and other fittings will be replaced and have new wiring.

A total rewire requires two stages of working, the first fix and second fix.

Prior to the plastering work and generally done at the same time as any plumbing and heating work the first fix work will occur. This enables us to make sure all of the wiring involved in your installation will be hidden. In order to do this the work involved will include but is not limited to chasing out channels in the walls and possibly some ceilings, lifting floor coverings and floorboards and possibly skirting boards too. At this stage we can fit the back boxes for the sockets and switches. This is a good point to add any extra needs beyond the electrical system by planning out wiring for telephones, television aerial sockets, alarms, smoke detectors, thermostats and doorbells, as well as any outdoor lighting. This enables you to make sure your property meets the needs of the modern day property owner. Electriko can consult and advise on Smart Home technology and help plan out integrated speakers and other modern technology.

On completion of the first fix stage, the plasterers and decorators will come in and the walls and ceilings can be filled and made good, then the flooring replaced. Once that work is done Electriko will come back and fit all your fittings and fixtures, electric showers, and kitchen appliances.

What about a partial rewire?

You can avoid the need for a full rewire if your existing cabling is able to carry any additional loads and still in an acceptable condition. It is also possible to upgrade by upgrading the earthing and bonding and adding a modern consumer unit. You can check out our Fuse Box and Consumer Unit Services for more details

What will having my rewire done mean?

When you have a full wire you will have brought your property up to date with the latest wiring regulations. Electriko are here to guide you through the planning process and execute that plan leaving you happy with your modernised home with the most up to date technology available

My house is old - how do I know if it needs a rewire?

Before ordering a full rewire we would recommend you have Electriko over to complete an EICR report for you. On completion of the inspection you will have a report detailing any damage, deterioration, defects and anything not up to the present day standard which can lead to danger.

I'm thinking about having a full rewire done - are there any building regulations I should know?

The local building control department needs to be notified to ensure it meets the safety standard when a full rewire is done.

Electriko will provide engineers with Part P of the building regulations and have the ability to self-certify the work and notify the building department on your behalf upon completion of the work.

How long will my rewire take?

On average a full rewire can take between 5-10 days depending on the property size. This will be dependent upon the number on engineers working and the work involved in your full wiring plan

Why Choose Electriko Electrical Services?

A reliable and qualified electrician can handle all domestic electrical wiring, fixture and installation; and troubleshoot efficiently around your house. Finding and choosing an electrician to install your electrical appliances or products can be time-consuming. Not to mention about certain types of appliances such as ceiling fan installation and light electrical circuit wiring will require an expert to do the work.

We’re Ring Certified Installers and now is simplifying the way you can search and find qualified electrician services directly on in just a few clicks. We take the guesswork out and offer upfront, pre-packaged electrician services with clear scope of work, so you don’t have to compare quotes from multiple providers and know what to expect. 

Whether you are buying a new set of exterior lights for your garden on or need to install your smart home security lock; you can easily add an electrician service together with your product purchase including schedule an appointment date and time that works for you, add this to your basket and then checkout directly on and it’s done.

Electriko Electriko Services offers a range of installation services across our range of electrical products and available to select alongside your product purchase. Our technicians and specialists are professional, skilled and thorough to provide a high quality service you can trust. They will ensure your whitegoods or electrical products are installed properly, safely and efficiently